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Volcano Vaporizer
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The Volcano Vaporizer has become an icon of quality since it was first introduced to consumers by inventor Markus Stortz and his partner Jurgen Bickel in the early 2000s.  easy valve

Volcano Vaporizer Review

Its high-tech design and state-of-the-art engineering has made the Volcano Vaporizing System the desktop vaporizer of choice by medical marijuana patients and recreational smokers world wide.

The Volcano is known for consistently delivering smooth vapor that is tasty, potent and satisfying.

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Vapor v Smoke

volcano digital vaporizer
Vaporizing dry herbs is far superior than burning plant material in a pipe, bong, joint, etc.

Fire produces heat and smoke, neither of which are good when inhaled – and held – deep into the lungs. Much research has been done and it is widely agreed that vaporizing medicine reduces the negative side-effects of smoking while still receiving the benefits of inhaling the vaporized herb through the lungs.

Volcano inventor, Markus Stortz, and their company Storz & Bickel formed with partner Jurgen Bickel, have been at the forefront of this developing technology by manufacturing the Classic Volcano and the Digit Volcano.

According to Stortz, “The primary requirement of a Vaporizer is the capacity to maintain the temperature just above the vaporization point in order to obtain an optimum level of both efficiency and flavor, along with minimized production of harmful substances. Other important points are the greatest level of safety for the user, ease of operation and application which is separate from the vaporizing process.”

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Ease of Use

The patented Volcano vaporizing system keeps air flow and temperature constant. The most unique part of the system is the balloon that holds the evaporated material. It functions much like a regular balloon.

vaporizer volcano

The pumps fills the balloon with the evaporated material and then it is detached from the unit. The user can then suck on the bag with great ease, comfort and convenience while also keeping the particular doses consistent.

Tested and Certified

The Volcano has been tested and certified by TÜV SÜD (the “Southern Technical Inspection Association”) in Munich, Germany ensuring the product’s electrical and mechanical safety and reliability. Volcano Vaporizers also fulfill the requirements for device safety in household appliances according to DIN EN ISO 60 335.

Stortz and Bickel continually stress that the safety of their consumer is a top priority.

The Volcano comes in two models – the Classic and the Digit (Digital). There are only ywo main differences: the Digit has a digital temperature gauge on the front whereas the Classic has a dial, and temperature fluctuation might be slightly lower with the Digital model.

The Volcano vaporizer with all the attachments is “the Bentley of vaporizers” as one avid user commented. He questioned at first how a vaporizer could be so expensive until, as he says, now that he uses one he doesn’t know how he lived without it.



So what is our pick between the Volcano Classic and Volcano Digital vapes?

volcano digit vs classic
Honestly, if budget is not a concern then we recommend you buy the Digital Vaporizer Volcano system.

The updates are truly worth the price difference and with the build quality, you know your investment will be there for years to come.

On the other hand, if you are trying to save some money but still want the best desktop vaporizer on the market, the Classic Volcanco Vaporizer system is the way to go.


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