FlowerMate VaporMax v5.0s Review

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The FlowerMate v5.0s is one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market.

FlowerMate VaporMax v5.0sBeautiful in color (blue and black), this model uses a ceramic baking chamber to ensure that your herb never burns.

Robust vaporization bakes your herb – never burns it.

Building off of everything that made the Vapormax V a big hit with users, the manufacturer decided to include many of the most-liked features of the V, and incorporate them into the v5.0s.

The results?

A robust way to vaporize all of the herbs you love with the best in flavor at a price you can afford. Before we delve deep into our review, let’s take a look at the features of the v5.0s at a glance.

FlowerMate v5.0s VaporMax Features

  • Glass mouthpiece to provide no lasting burnt or excess taste.
  • Wall charger for fast charging action.
  • Full charge lasting up to 10 sessions.
  • Ceramic baking chamber with replacement chamber screens included.
  • Precise temperature settings, allowing for 3 temperature choices.
  • Includes 2×2800 mAh batteries.

You’ll notice that this vaporizer is made from high-grade aluminum and is very small. Portable in size, you’ll be able to carry this lightweight vaporizer with you anywhere you go. How small is it?

About the size of an iPhone.

Not super small, but small enough to fit in your pocket when on-the-go. Many users stated that this model was the size of a pack of cigarettes, but they are way off.

VaporMax Temperature Settings and Flavor


There is no point in holding off on the good part – flavor. The original FlowerMate was revolutionary at the time, but users wanted more control over the temperature of the unit. That’s understandable since the temperature affects the vapor thickness so much.

You have 3 unique temperature settings to choose from:

  • 385 degrees
  • 400 degrees
  • 415 degrees

So, what’s the difference?

Always start on the lowest temperature if you’re a first-time user to determine if you like the thickness of the vapor produced. Me? I like thicker vapor, so putting the temperature to the highest setting of 415 is optimal for me. Ultimately, the higher the temperature, the thicker the vape is, and the stronger the overall hit.

Again, you have full control over this model’s temperature.

One thing I want to note is that other models may burn the herb, especially around the 415 degree mark. This occurs because the heating element is getting too hot and burning your herb rather than vaporizing it.

Utilizing a ceramic baking chamber, heat is evenly distributed when vaporizing the herb.

Without getting too technical, the equal heat distribution allows for all of the herb to heat up without actually concentrating too much heat in one area, which causes burning. So, you’re left with a pure flavor that never tastes burnt.

Starting up the vaporizer, you normally have to wait a long time before the vaporizer actually hits your desired temperature. The v5.0s is one of the fastest vaporizers to reach maximum temperature. This model will:

  • Heat up to 385 in 20 seconds.
  • Heat up to 400 in 25 seconds.
  • Heat up to 415 in 30 seconds.

I want to note that the exterior of the vaporizer does get pretty hot, so you’ll want to wait before putting it in your pocket when you’re done. It’s not so hot that it will burn you, but it does get hot with a prolonged session, and will need to cool down.

Glass was used for the 5.0s’s mouthpiece. Premium glass made such a big difference that it’s an essential component to review.

Why is the premium glass mouthpiece so important?

flowermate glass
Plastic or rubber mouthpieces will absorb the flavor of the vapor.

Over time, this means that when you vape, the quality will degrade. If you’ve vaped before, you know that when you burn the herb, you will continue tasting it. This occurs because a lot of the flavor is absorbed into the mouthpiece of the vaporizer.

Glass doesn’t absorb the taste, so you’re always left with pure, clean vapor of the highest quality.

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Flowermate Long-Lasting Battery Life

Tired of your vaporizer needing to be recharged after every other use?

This model uses 2800 mAh batteries from Samsung to ensure that you’re able to vape when you need it most. These batteries are rated to last 10 sessions before needing to be recharged, but this will depend on your vaping habits.

Like all batteries, if you take long inhales, you’ll burn through the battery faster. Even on the highest setting, you’ll get two hours of continuous use per battery charge.

Of course, a wall charger is included that recharges the battery quickly.

A complete recharge takes about 3 hours in total, which is really short when compared to other models.

I did want to point out that the manufacturer includes 2 batteries with your purchase, so you do have an extra when charging. Ultimately, you’ll be able to vape all the time and not worry about a dead battery or having to wait 3 hours before your next session.

Clean-Up Made Easy

flowermate v5 pro vaporizer

Vapormax ensured that the FlowerMate v5.0s was as easy as possible to clean. No one wants to spend time cleaning their vaporizer, but it’s essential if you want to maintain a pure taste with each session.

All of the cleaning tools you need have been included.

Cleaning always starts with the packing tool. You’ll want to use this tool to scrap off any excess herb that has been left behind after dumping it. A cleaning brush is included and will take care of the rest for you. It’s a simple cleaning process that shouldn’t last more than 2 minutes at most.

There is a filter inside of the mouthpiece that can be cleaned or replaced as needed.

Some hot water and soap is all that’s needed to clean the filter. You can simply unscrew the base and remove the screen to clean it.

There is a chamber screen replacement included with your purchase, so you won’t need to buy a replacement screen any time in the near future. These screens rarely need to be replaced if you clean them properly.

The ceramic chamber is very durable, so you can be a little rough when cleaning it out. When on the highest setting, I noticed that the herb will get stuck together if you pack the chamber too tightly. I recommend leaving some excess room in the chamber to avoid this, but if you like more herb, over-packing isn’t too much of an issue.

You will need to provide more force with the packing tool if over-packing causes the herb to stick together. Don’t worry, you can apply a lot of pressure without breaking the chamber.

[highlight color=#0066cc ]The FlowerMate VaporMax v5.0s is the best portable dry herb vaporizer we’ve ever tested at this pricepoint. [/highlight]

Improving on an already great vaporizer, the flavor produced by the v5.0s is simply unmatched. It’s one of the best, if not the best, vapor we’ve ever experienced.

And at this price range, we’ve never had this level of quality in a vaporizer and you should not think twice about buying the Flowermate Vapormax v5.0s.

vapormax vaporizer

With an impressive battery life, you’ll be able to vape for 2 hours straight before having to recharge the batteries.

When the battery does die, you have a backup (included for free) that you can pop in while your main battery is charging.

Click here to buy the FlowerMate v5.0s, and experience the real flavor of herb.


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