Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel Review

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With strong, smooth vapor, precise temperature controls and convection heating, the Plenty is one of the best portable vaporizers out there.

In fact, it’s so good, people call it the Volcano portable vaporizer.

But its unique design eliminates the need for balloons or pumps, which makes this the perfect vaporizer for solo or group use.

In you want portability but don’t want to sacrifice on vapor quality, the Plenty is the right choice for you.

What is the Plenty Vaporizer?

The Plenty is a whip-style model that looks more like a power tool than a vaporizer.

The device is made by Storz & Bickel, the same people who brought you the Volcano vaporizer.

German-engineered, the Plenty combines all the features you love about the volcano with convenient, portable features that give you the best of both worlds.


On paper, the plenty sounds like the perfect vaporizer. But how well does it really perform?

Features and Performance

Volcano Plenty Vaporizer

The Plenty is a handheld vaporizer, but it’s difficult to call it a truly portable device. Yes, it’s smaller than the volcano, and you can easily bring it with you on the go. But this needs to be plugged in for use.

If stealth is your top priority, the Plenty is not the right choice for you.  You would be better off with a pen style device like the Pax if that is your number 1 goal.

That said, this vaporizer is ideal for groups or at home use. And it’s still small enough to take with you wherever you go.

How Does the Plenty Work?


A hot air generator and a vaporization unit are the two primary components of this vaporizer. The vaporization unit consists of a mouthpiece and a filling chamber that has a cooling coil.

The internal design of this device completely eliminates the need to use balloons or pumps, which means the Plenty is extremely quiet when in use.

The heat exchanger features a double helix, which is what creates the thick vapor the Plenty is known for. It also ensures that the air is heated efficiently.

The cooling coil makes the vapor smooth and creates a pleasurable aromatic experience.

Precise Temperature Controls

Like other Storz & Bickel vaporizers, the Plenty provides precise temperature controls. You have the option of choosing a temperature between 266°F and 395°F. On the front of the device is an analog thermometer that allows you to monitor the internal temperature of the filling chamber.

how to clean the plenty

There’s also a bimetallic regulator that ensures the device operates safely, and it has an independent temperature control as well as an automatic switch off.


The Plenty vape is smooth and strong, which is something other portable models simply cannot provide. With a large herb chamber, you can take a long, strong vapor draw. The large chamber also allows you to pack enough herb for a group, but it’s also efficient enough to allow you to pack just a small amount for solo use.

There’s just one caveat if you’re going to use this device by yourself: you’ll need to use the liquid pad (included with the device). What the liquid pad does is ensure that your herbs are packed evenly inside the chamber and don’t slide around. This ensures that your herb is heated evenly when you’re only using just a pinch of material.

If you plan on using the Plenty with a group, make sure that you fill the chamber completely, so the herb is heated evenly.

The Plenty does take a few minutes to heat up. There’s a temperature dial towards the bottom of the device that allows you to select the appropriate temperature for your herb. One is the lowest temperature (266°F), while seven is the highest temperature (395°). We recommend six or seven, but be sure to experiment with the different settings to find the right one for you.

The quality of the vapor that the Plenty produces is on par with some of the more expensive, higher-end models out there.   You can compare it to our other portable vape reviews here.

Because of its efficient design, this vaporizer heats you material evenly, so there are never any hotspots.

One thing you’ll notice when using the Plenty is that the vapor is thick, but incredibly smooth. The smoothness of the vapor comes from the cooling coil, which cools down the vapor slightly just before it hits your mouth.

How to Use the Plenty

Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

The Plenty is extremely easy to use. Before you turn the device on, it’s recommended that you fill up the heating chamber and re-attach the cooling coil. The cooling coil simply unscrews from the device for easy removal. The chamber is located under the coil.

Remember, if you’re using this device by yourself, you will need the liquid pad to make sure that your herbs do not slide all over the chamber. If you’re sharing with others, fill the chamber completely to ensure that your herbs are heated evenly. If the herbs are allowed to slide around the chamber, it will greatly affect the quality of your vapor, so take the time to make sure that you pack the chamber tightly.

Storz & Bickel provides detailed instructions on how to fill the chamber properly in the instruction manual.

Next, choose the appropriate temperature for your herbs using the adjustment wheel towards the bottom of the device.

Once you’ve selected the right temperature, you can turn the device on. To do this, press the orange auto-off release handle. The power switch will light up in an orange color up to let you know that the heater is working.

Please note that it can sometimes take up to four minutes for this device to heat up entirely, depending on which temperature you choose. The higher the temperature, the longer it will take to heat up.

Plenty Vaporizer Review

We also wanted to point out that once the set temperature is reached, the heater will turn off. This means that you will have to press the orange auto off release handle again to restart the heater. There’s a 90 second delay when pressing the handle, so it’s normal to see temperature fluctuations in between heat-ups. You also have the option of holding the auto off release handle pressed in during use to prevent it from turning off.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Plenty, you’ll receive the following:

  • The Plenty unit
  • 1 liquid pad
  • 2 long tubing sections
  • 2 short tubing sections
  • 3 normal screens
  • 1 herb mill
  • 1 cleaning brush

This vaporizer is also backed by a 3-year warranty, so you can rest assured that your purchase is protected.

Storz & Bickel includes everything you need to get started. All you have to do is bring the herb.

The Bottom Line

[alert type=red ]The Plenty is the best quality portable vaporizer out there – period.[/alert]

Other Plenty vaporizer reviews talk about how thick and smooth the vapor is from this device, and they’re not over-exaggerating.

In our opinion, this vaporizer works just as well as the Volcano desktop unit and is truly worthy of the Volcano name. As an added bonus, you’re not stuck with a huge desktop device and you can take it with you anywhere.

You don’t have to use balloons or pumps either.

Using convection heating, your herbs will never burn in the Plenty. The Plenty is economically priced, too, so you won’t have to break the bank to own one.

We highly recommend this vaporizer to anyone looking for a convenient, easy-to-use model that produces the best quality vapor.


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