Magic Flight Launch Box

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Buying a portable vape has many advantages over traditional “combustion” smoking methods. First, vaporization is the cleanest, easiest and healthiest way to go!

If you are also concerned with portability and the ability to take your vape with you on the go, then you have to put the Magic Flight Launch Box on your list to try out.

The MFLB is truly the most inexpensive, efficient, portable and discrete herbal vaporizer on the market. The device is hand made from wood and is small, fast, ultra portable vaporizer that is easy for anyone to use, anywhere and at anytime.

How To Use The Magic Flight Launch Box

Using the Magic Flight Launch Box has a small learning curve, but with time it becomes second nature.

The key is to not stick the battery in for longer than 6 seconds. Make sure your product is finely ground up, then stick the battery in for 5 to 6 seconds and inhale slowly.

Not too fast or not too slow I try not to combust.



Yes, the initial purchase of a vaporizer seems intimidating at first, but once you experience the benefits, you’ll be looking back at yourself and wonder why you didn’t get a herbal vaporizer for yourself any sooner.

Ask Yourself These Questions If You Are Still Not Sure About Switching To A Vaporizer.

#1) Do you feel tenderness in your throat and lungs after smoking your herbs? If so, you can minimize or control the discomfort with a quality vaporizer.

#2) Do you find yourself spending too much on product every week? This is one of the most unheralded features of vaporizers, they actually conserve your product. So by using simply using a vaporizer, you’ll find that it’s more efficient compared to regular burning, which means you wind up conserving money any time you use it.

Furthermore, as a medical marijuana patient you will be getting 100%, fresh pure vapor filled with only your active ingredients. As opposed to smoke that’s stuffed with harmful chemicals you are used to from traditional combustion methods, this is the one underlying factor for me after I got my medical card.

The Magic-Flight product is a very special made vaporizer that is designed involving more than 60 development stages carefully constructed in the USA using renewable materials. A lot of thought and affection for both humanity and the earth has gone into producing the MFLB

With over 20 years of vaporization engineering experience, don’t let the minimalist look of the Magic-Flight fool you, the labor of love that has gone into this work of art is something rarely seen today.

Magic Flight Launch Box is a small, fast, portable vaporizer useable by anyone, herbal vaporizers is the ultimate product to use when your need is quick and quit smoking bunk from combustion methods.

MFLB Reviews

For the money, you cannot beat the Magic Flight vape. Find me a 20 dollar portable that works better. Find me a 100 dollar portable that works better? Find me a 200 dollar portable that works better. Hell, find me ANY portable that works better. Last but not least, find me ANY vape and I mean ANY vape that has a better warranty.

Davis T.

I love my MFLB, I just added to my Vape collection today with the Extreme q and its the bomb! I set it on like 410 degrees and am getting huge clouds. My friend tried it out yesterday and he is already ordering himself one for himself.

Chad T.

Thank the weed gods for the invention of the MFLB, totally love mine as well, had it for 6 weeks, had 5 friends use it with me and they are sold on it, i tried a few other portable vapes and they were sitting back in their boxes within a week and i was disappointed.

Jessica A.

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