Pax 2 Vaporizer Review

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Enthusiasts’ Tricks & Hidden Features Make The Pax 2 The King Of Portable Vapes

The original Pax vaporizer changed the way that people vape.  Exceptional in every way, I’m not sure that the Pax could’ve been publicized any further. But now, the Pax 2 vaporizer simply surpasses its predecessor in virtually every way.

You can view the Pax 2 as a new improved and improved version of the original.

We’re going to take this model for a test drive using dried herbs to see how it holds up against its predecessor and the competition currently on the market.

And we’re going to share some enthusiasts’ tricks and hidden features that most people don’t know about.

Pax 2 vs Pax Original

Pax 2 Colors

If you own original, you may be wondering what the big differences between these two models. Do you really need to buy new vaporizer? Not necessarily. But you’ll really want to. The new model offers significant advantages, which include:

  • Improved battery life that lasts 30% longer.
  • A deeper oven that provides even heating.
  • Lip and motion sensor.
  • Four unique temperature controls.
  • The weight has been reduced by 10%.
  • The unit is 25% smaller.
  • Charging has been improved greatly.

As you can see, there are few differences that are really important with the Pax 2.

[highlight ]The main difference, which I find to be very important, is that it’s much lighter than the original while increasing its feature set and storage ability.[/highlight]

Being roughly 25% smaller and 10% lighter, this unit has also increased its battery life. A lot of people, myself included, were hoping that Pax would do something to extend the battery life of the original. While it may have been great at first, the competition quickly started releasing new units that had far superior battery life.

The Pax 2 corrected this issue with a new battery that lasts 30% longer. Depending on your temperature setting, you can expect this unit to last at least 90 minutes before needing to be recharged. That’s a lot of vaping.

There are also several other features, such as the lip and motion sensor that help extend battery life.We’re going to discuss these shortly in my Pax 2 review, but before I go into that, I want to list the features for you.

[highlight ]Pax 2 Features[/highlight]

pax 2 vaporizer

The Pax 2 Is 25% Smaller

  • Colors: Flare, topaz, platinum and charcoal
  • Material: Brushed anodized aluminum on the exterior
  • Dimensions: 87” x 1.21” x 0.85”
  • Oven Dimensions:5mm x 8.6mm x 10mm
  • Heat Time: Less than a minute
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Accelerometer: Internal sensor puts the unit in standby mode
  • Temperature: 4 temperature settings available

Just from the features alone, you’ll notice a big difference over the competition. But I guarantee you that you won’t expect what we have in store for you in our review.

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Pax 2 Review

pax 2 by ploom

I was really excited to give this unit a try, and I’ve been hearing a lot about it through friends and other enthusiasts. While I’m a little late writing my review, I have been using this unit for several months and still use it every day as my go-to vaporizer.

[alert type=green ]2017 Update – Pax 3 Released[/alert]

You’ll find the Pax 2 for sale for much cheaper today than I paid months ago, which is an added bonus.

But as you know, price isn’t everything. Let’s see how this vaporizer performs.

Performance Overview

Pax 2 Colors

I can be a little long-winded, so want to go over my experience with this unit immediately to give you a little bit more information on what I experienced and why I like this unit. Then, I’ll go into more detail about the separate features and functions of this model.

The vape is very clean and fresh, while producing nice flavor clouds.

Vapor production rivals most units on the market, and taking draws is simply unmatched. The lip sensor technology, or motion sensor technology,is the icing on the cake for this great product. You’ll notice that this model actually offers the capability to save battery life, and preserve some of your herb in the process.

The manufacturer was really paying attention to consumers when they made the Pax 2 vaporizer.

Even the biggest complaint about the original model– the mouthpiece – has been improved greatly. There are two silicone inserts that will act as your mouthpiece with the new model, so they will feel a little bit different when you first start using this vaporizer.

Taste and flavor have been improved, and the vapor seems purer to me. Given this unit’s small size, you won’t find another model that’s capable of producing this great of vapor in a portable model.

My experience with the Pax 2 vaporizer made me ditch the original and start using this model daily – it’s that good.

Temperature Controls


There are four unique temperature control settings that allow you to control the way the unit heats your herb. This is done through a low, medium, medium-high and high setting. Personally, I like the medium setting for best results, but the choice is personal.

Temperatures range from the following:

  • 360°F on low
  • 380°F on medium
  • 400°F on medium-high
  • 420°F on high

And to change the settings, all you have to do is hold down the tip of the mouthpiece for about two seconds. This will change from one setting to the next, with the appearance of a leaf indicating which setting you’re on. Simply re-click the mouthpiece to change the setting.

If you’ve ever experienced burnt herb, you’ll know how these temperature controls can really change your vaporizing experience.

Draw Resistance and Lip Sensing Technology

High Times Pax 2 Review

When you go to take a draw, you’ll notice that it’s very free-flowing compared to the original. This allows you to have little resistance with your draw, and is the preferred draw resistance for most people.

However, I must note that if you don’t clean the unit often, you’ll notice that the screen collects residue and restricts airflow, causing much higher resistance.

There is an internal accelerometer that is able to sense your lips or motion.

[alert type=green ]Performing much better than the original, this feature allows more consistent draws and actually puts the unit into standby mode to stop heat when it is no longer necessary.[/alert]

For example, if you see a friend, start talking and leave the unit on, you’re wasting herb. This is a problem herb because is expensive, especially when you tend to use your vaporizer in a group setting. This unit will automatically reduce the temperature of the heating element by 90°F for every 20 seconds that your lips are not sensed. This is a major benefit of the Pax 2.

You can pack about 0.3 g of herb in the oven. Ultimately, you’ll be able to take 15 to 20 draws before you notice that the flavor starts to dissipate.

Battery Efficiency and Charging

Pax 2 Battery

I touched upon battery life briefly before, and I want to do so again. A lithium ion battery powers this model, and the full charge takes 2 to 3 hours on average. This is if the unit is completely depleted.

In terms of total usage time, you can expect about 90 minutes from this unit on the low to medium setting. If you vape ata higher temperature, battery life will lessen as a result.

Charging is easy, and there’s a USB charger as well as a standard wall charger that can accommodate this unit. I found that when using the wall charger, you’ll reduce charging time dramatically, with a two-hour maximum charge time. The back of the unit actually uses magnetic force for the charging instead of going to the mouthpiece as seen with the older unit.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you want to have the best experience with this model, you’ll need to clean and maintain it properly. This allows you to enjoy the best vapor quality and draw resistance. Residue still does harden inside of the unit rather quickly I may note.

What I recommend is doing the following after a few sessions:

How To Clean Pax Vaporizer

  • Remove the chamber screen and scrape it clean with a pick tool.
  • Ensure that all of the grooves in the screen are cleaned thoroughly.
  • Remove any herb from the chamber and remove all residue.
  • Clean the mouthpiece if you have a burnt taste when vaping. A little isopropyl alcohol will do the trick.

That pretty much sums up your maintenance and cleaning routine. Aside from recharging the unit, this is all you have to do to maintain it. If you notice that your battery life is getting shorter and shorter, I highly recommend changing out your battery.

Note: The Pax 2 vaporizer has a far greater battery capacity and lifetime than its predecessor.


Pax 2 Tricks and Hidden Features

Pax 2 Tricks

When you first take a look at the Pax 2 vaporizer, there are few features that you won’t even know exist. Unless you really dig deep, you’ll have missed these awesome features which are hidden, or considered tricks.

If you want have a little bit more fun with this model, you’ll want to know what Pax 2 Easter eggs there are.

  • Simon Says: Do you remember playing Simon says? This is a game where there are four distinct lights that will illuminate at random. You have to touch the light quickly and maintain your speed. Pax allows you to do this. Hold the unit in both hands and rotate it until you find that all four LED lights are illuminated.What happens next is that the LED light will illuminate,and youmust tilt the unit to match the sequence as it appeared. If you match the sequence incorrectly, the LED lights will turn red. You’ll be surprised by how difficult it is to keep up with Simon Says on this unit.
  • Party mode: The Pax 2 Party mode is a blast for users. This mode essentially disables the standby feature and is utilized by a group of people. Once you turn it off, the mode will disengage.
  • Funky town:Only unlocked when you reach level 20 on Simon Says. What this does is actually open up sound on Simon Says, which you can listen to by shaking the unit.
  • Light painting mode: A rare mode thatturns all the lights off when holding the unit, but erratically changes colors when you tap it or move it around.
  • Green sweeping mode: This is kind of a mystery to me as I have never witnessed it firsthand.


pax for sale

Users are still finding out about new modes every few months. One of the tricky things about this unit is that the modes differ on each unit. While review units seem to have every mode, the ones that have been released to the public have just a few of the modes included – and they change depending on the unit.

There are a lot of Easter eggs included with the Pax 2 to make it fun to use.

We also have some user tips that will help you utilize the Pax 2 just a little bit further.

  • Do not operate the unit upside down. This can jam the unit.
  • Don’t store any magnets near the Pax as they may activate the oven.
  • Use a grinder for best results.
  • Bring a toothpick with you to stir up the contents in the oven for even vaporization.
  • Make a routine to clean the unit often for the best vapor quality.
  • Use a pipe cleaner with a little alcohol to clean the mouthpiece.
  • If the unit is hard to pull from, make sure that you clean it.
  • The unit can become slippery, so wrap a rubber band around it when in use.
  • Secure the mouthpiece with a rubber band.

You’ll also want to be careful when you place this unit in your backpack or pocket. What happens is that the mouthpiece will often push in and initiate the unit. I recommend using arubber band to hold the mouthpiece in place, so this does not happen.

If you happen to drop the unit, make sure that the oven magnet does not fall out.

Pax 2 Accessories

pax 2 lineup

There are numerous accessories that you can purchase with this unit, or at a later date. The manufacturers themselves sell the following accessories:

  • Flat mouthpieces in a variety of colors.
  • A pack of three screens, which I highly recommend you purchase.
  • Flat and raised mouthpieces.
  • AC adapter.
  • Replacement oven lid.
  • Cleaning kit
  • USB charger

Of course, all of these accessories are not vital to the vaporizer’s use, but having additional screens and a cleaning kit is very important. Mouthpieces and replacement parts I recommend buying as needed, but that’s just my opinion.

If you want to venture outside of manufacturer-made accessories, you’ll find other neat accessories, including:

  • A zippered case that allows you to properly store and transport your unit.
  • A loading tool.
  • A cleaning rod.
  • Vented oven lid.
  • Water adapters.

The Pax Pusher will help you pack your herb very tightly, and is the one product that I recommend the most. This simply helps you compact yourherb so that the taste is strong and it’s heated evenly.

I also recommend that you consider the vented oven lid.

These have several holes in them, which allow you to take a thicker hit. You’ll be able to take a hit that is much bigger than normal due to the 25 holes that improve airflow in the unit.

For me, there is nothing that compares to the Pax 2. This unit has not only improved the way that I use my vaporizer, but it has become my preferred option when vaping any type of herb.

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